Islamabad International Airport Flight Timings/Schedule, International Departures, International Arrivals, Domestic Departures, Domestic Arrivals, In bound flight numbers, Outbound flight numbers in a 3D and 2D interactive and graphical map. Now you can Search your desired Flight, Airline, Destination, Time or Day according to your needs.

Islamabad flight route map
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Islamabad ISB Airport Flight Route Map
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  1. AirBlue (Pakistan)
  2. Air Sial (Pakistan)
  3. Air Arabia (United Arab Emirates)
  4. British Airways (United Kingdom)
  5. China Southern (China)
  6. Emirates Airlines (United Arab Emirates)
  7. Etihad Airways (United Arab Emirates) FlyJinnah (Pakistan)
  8. FlyNas (Saudi Arabia)
  9. Gulf Air (Bahrain)
  10. Iraqi Airways (Iraq)
  11. Kam Air (Afghanistan)
  12. Kuwait Airways (Kuwait)
  13. Oman Air (Oman)
  14. PIA (Pakistan)
  15. Qatar Airways (Qatar)
  16. Saudia Airlines (Saudi Arabia)
  17. Serene Air (Pakistan)
  18. Thai Airways (Thailand)
  19. Turkish Airlines (Turkey)
  20. Virgin Atlantic (United Kingdom)


  1. Dubai – United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  2. Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  3. Madinah – Saudi Arabia
  4. Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia
  5. Jeddah – Saudi Arabia
  6. Doha – Qatar
  7. Kuwait – Kuwait
  8. Istanbul – Turkey
  9. Skardu – Pakistan
  10. Gilgit – Pakistan
  11. Kabul – Afghanistan Sharjah – United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  12. Dammam – Saudi Arabia
  13. Riyadh – Saudi Arabia
  14. Quetta – Pakistan
  15. Ras al Khaimah – United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  16. London – United Kingdom
  17. Karachi – Pakistan
  18. Salalah – Oman
  19. Multan – Pakistan
  20. Muscat – Oman
  21. Sukkur – Pakistan
  22. Lahore – Pakistan SZB –
  23. Wuhan Tianhe – China
  24. Bangkok – Thailand
  25. Tbilisi – Georgia
  26. Chengdu – China NJF –
  27. Najaf International Airport (Iraq)
  28. Gassim – Saudi Arabia
  29. Al Ain – United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  30. Toronto – Canada
  31. Turbat – Pakistan

Flight No.

PK-179, PA-230, ER-1805, PA-216, PK-894, SV-727, QR-633, EY-232, KU-206, TK-711, PK-451, PK-601, UNO355H, PK-209, PK-245, SV-725, PK-325, G9-869, BA-260, QR-615, ER-807, 9P-671, PK-301, ER-541, PK-203, PK-127, SV-723, PA-201, PF-122, MUNIS, EK-613, PK-605, PK-211, SEY9501, ER-701, PK-369, XY-316, WY-348, PK-631, PF-124, RQ-928, PA-207, LCH-999, PK-309, EY-234, CGGPM, PA-274, QR-613, 9P-675, ER-505, PK-243, PF-126, PK-841, CZ-8140, PK-287, PK-181, TG-350, EK-615, PK-223, ER-801, PA-210, PA-270, ER-703, SV-727, PK-713, QR-633, EY-232, TK-711, PK-245, PK-707, GF-771, PK-325, UNO355H, PK-451, SV-725, PK-322, QR-615, 9P-671, PK-301, PF-122, EK-613, PK-177, UNO205, PA-212, PK-755, PK-211, ER-503, WY-348, PK-631, PF-124, APHSU, PK-369, PK-741, PA-207, PK-309, CA-945, EY-234, 9P-675, PF-126, PK-261, PK-291, PK-167, PA-272, PK-233, PK-209, ER-1805, ER-805, PA-216, SV-727, QR-633, EY-232, KU-206, PK-753, TK-711, GF-771, PK-705, PK-601, PK-325, BA-260, QR-615, PK-281, ER-541, PK-451, SV-723, PA-201, PF-122, EK-613, WY-348, YLLD, PK-870, PK-301, PK-605, PK-211, VS-379, ER-503, IA-434, ER-701, ER-807, XY-316, PK-631, PK-369, RQ-928, PK-741, PK-713, PA-207, PF-124, PK-309, EY-234, PK-131, PA-274, QR-613, ER-505, PF-126, PK-261, TG-350, PK-233, EK-615, PA-230, PA-210, PA-270, ER-703, PK-894, SV-727, QR-633, KU-206, EY-232, PK-753, TK-711, GF-771, PK-705, PK-601, PK-325, ER-807, UN-355H, SV-726, QR-632, PK-3070, EY-231, KU-205, PK-188, TK-710, PA-213, PK-742, PK-240, PK-210, BA-261, SV-724, QR-614, PK-186, PK-234, G9-868, SV-722, PK-300, 9P-670, PA-200, EK-612, PF-121, MUNIS, PK-602, PK-452, WY-347, PK-368, PK-782, ER-540, ER-1806, XY-315, PK-606, PF-123, UNO-355H, RQ-927, PK-326, PK-895, PK-246, PK-308, PK-262, PA-231, EY-233, PK-128, QR-612, ER-808, PA-217, PK-212, CZ-8139, PK-632, 9P-674, PF-125, PK-224, ER-702, TG-349, PA-208, EK-614, PK-370, GF-770, PK-248, PF-127, VS-378, IA-433, ER-502, ER-806, RCH-1815, APHSU, PK-758, YLLD, PK-178, PA-211, ER-504, PK-132, PK-871, PK-682, PK-292, PK-144, PK-246, PK-760, PK-288, PK-682, PK-758, PK-292, QR-164, PK-760, PK-718, PK-682, PA-273, PA-275, PA-279, CZ-8139, PK-754, PK-182, CA-945, PK-714, GZP-9637, PA-208

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